all works ©davidzalben2016

“Suspended” 40 x 40 x 40

“C’est La Vie”

large version-54 feet

To Break

with a kiss

the neutrality

a lovely casualty

and to cherish

a change

like the rain

as a reminder

for a lover

as a clover

and how sublime

like a wind chime

to be in a trance

like a romance

and to burn

a few words

and feel

a few pints

of perfection

no rejection

and to know

something is true

and not care

like a man

with fate

in his hand

trying not to cry

or tell a lie

and feeling blood

runs its course

like a horse

in the wild

and where to find an escape

of fear

or leave behind

a fantasy

perhaps part reality

knowing the blouse

is not for you

as a gesture

makes you blue

and seeking comfort

with a vice

like an open book

or a poem

written on the wall

for all to see

C’est La Vie


to ask

like a woman

of dreaming large

for ending hunger

or just to linger

to bow

and not

circle about

like a child

with a pout

to embrace

a tender word

or swell

like a tear

without fear

to grow

like an idea

as in a romance

or to dwell

as in a well

to live

for kindness

or able to rile

as in a trend

yet able to mend

tears for hello

tears for goodbye

tears for sorrow

tears for happiness

tears for fear

tears for anger

tears for death

tears for birth

tears for me

tears for you

to hold tight

to get close

to paint a flower

to be blessed

without hearing yes

to accept less

for something clean

as to be open

for a feeling

without misgiving

to feel the strain

and a little pain

or acting brave

as a dog in heat

for a good seat

to float on a scheme

as dust on a breeze

as in a dream

of letting it flow

and letting it grow

a pulse inside           feeling warm        accepting fate            perhaps part fool

where it resides        as a swarm          without hate               indifferent to rule

as a stream              of letting it go       as a flower in bloom   roaming as a dove

as a dream               without a foe        as a full moon             only for love

305.310.4256 or davezz@mac.com


“Hong Kong” A single line of unbroken wire

“Duck Sauce”

when an absence

makes a funk

waiting to release the junk

ready to leave it behind

but for a smell

that creeps

into the conscious

making it mad

also glad

like a groan

mingling in a cold

mangled sheet

until the scent

turns to sweat

or when something

is better than nothing

like a faulty toaster

but perceptions do wonder

and wander

on expressive eyes

that cut

to the chase

with no exit in sight

but for insanity

or a broken spell

what the hell

gotta sleep

if it could be done

like an easy run

and if an alarm

could chime

as a dangling circle

of diamonds

and if a note

could harm

like a two faced charm

make something new

could be blue

like a lovely bride

taking it in stride

with no place to hide

as a shadow

of something troubled

but not to ruffle

more like a truffle

and taking it slow

as a sword swallower

or a sick day

for a chance to shout

peace out.


studio version

like a cell

or a decease


and isolates

leaving a frown

like an odd brown

desperate for a release

with a good piece

but getting caught

by what is not

yet feeling right

except for a gnat

that is like a pebble

or a yellow rebel

recalling it all

of scent

of inspiration

of fun

and the undone

yet feeling right

as an act one

breezing through

of digestion

of reconciliation

like a hair

with a silver lining

that sticks like glue

to know what is true

“Truth in Time”

studio version


23 x 61 inches

so many ways

Her transparent wings

faithful to will

and perfection

poise like an angel

and in a sudden chance

like spilled blood

to give rise 

without lies

like that of a voice

that dwells with the tide

and in the swell

a blue surrendered

of death

of pain

of love and lust

floating on a whim

without the sin

as a final word

cast in the stars

Work at SCOPE/NY

“For V”

Like a blue bird

From out of space

That swells the heart

As in bitter tea

Or hope

That sways 

Like dreads

On a beat

Even in retreat

And when a laugh

returns to calm

Like a feather

In a hand

An ageless drug penetrates

Into a forest

of the conscious

Below an Installation at the Lord Balfour:

Global Warming and a Poem

“Dream Catcher”

to be inside 

a woman’s dream

it must be said

is a devotion

an emotion

to be written

like to be born

for a chance to live

in a secret state

where one 

can mate

without to wait

or hate.

16 Gauge - approx 4.5 feet

“Whiskey at the abbey”

and when time

runs short

like a chest that breaths

like fall leaves

and to be held in arm

that can not harm

as the voice from one

like a rising sun

and to take a ride

deep inside

that comes like lust

with rings of trust

and to spare an ear

for a chance to bare

like a perfect muse

that lights a fuse

so in the deep end

where it can upend

a love does grow

like a willow

so try to contort

an upset heart

and fake smiles

that shocks

like a badass band

yet the charms

that conquer

are not of mere wonder

but of thunder

so the wane

is not in vain

like a memorial

reminding of hurt

or a lovely skirt.

“A Cog in the Female Industrial Complex”

59” tall

“ For Sun-Say ”

what wrought such lightness

could it be equality

that made the way

through space 

or perhaps a fluke

like a seed 

yet to be sown

for the way is real

like that of a delectable meal

and a splendid derrière to feel 

but the sun

knows to say

as a sensei

there is a gate

that is an easy fit

for it is but wit

and a comfortable spirit

where one can lord

over a fragile thought

like that of a new born

and the forlorn.

Keep Smiling

40” wide



35” x 35” x 8”

“For KGR”

of lips and blood

of atoms and cells

of ills and wills

of pink then red

hard as stale bread

and with a brush of skin

which creates thy kin 

and something fond 

that has cum to bond

like games of charades

and victorious parades

or as a written word

forever read

as time well spent

for a female hemp

that gives a voice

to those who dwell 

and shows the way

never to betray

Q with Love

C’est La V

“Death, Taxes and Fire Extinguishers”

Jadé Came To Stay

My Reading List

The Girl With The Octopus Tattoo,

with an Alexander Calder :)

Miami Beach

“Human - Nature”

6 feet tall

It was her unexpected vision, intelligence and her kindness that captured my heart...


Absolutely Carvalho


5.8 Ft tall

I love to be around strong women (slightly crazy), they tell you what they want

“Captain Q”

Any day can be full of love
Or full of hate
It can be full of tragedy
Or full of happiness
And you know
It can be full of shit
And you tire of the flesh and bone?
Well, you're not alone
Ask not why
Just Try
To hold a scent in the breeze
Maybe it will begin
To seep into the soul
Like a splendid shower
Like a yellow flower


No electric
Good music
What's missing?
I'll just count my blessings
wtf it's just so dark
And romantic
And it's so clear my dear
It's all so futile to be in denial
So I'll be up late
into the wee hours
But Not to fall on my knees
I've got my righteous smile
That will last at least for a while
And if I go
Don't expect a parade
Just ashes
That flutter into space
Without a trace
But for an aura
That will flicker on a moonless night
So make a wish
And You'll not starve
And you'll not want
And when you daydream
Or scheme
You will always know
To let it flow.

Keep Dreaming

7 feet

Cheers to Tears


7.5 Ft tall

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.



With my own Freehand Embroidery